Microsoft Lumia 1030: his return did not last long!

Earlier this week, a now famous French serial leaker-published photos of a touch screen before the draft Lumia 1030. It was enough to give hope to see arriving a replacement for the older Lumia 1020. C 'did not countevleaks ...

Late last year, rumors and leaks multiplied around a project at Microsoft called McLaren. Behind this code name was hiding the potential replacement for the Lumia 1020, one of the best camera phones (even today), with its incredible Pureview 41 megapixel sensor. The commercial name of this mobile should be Lumia 1030, confirming its position. However, at the beginning of December, leaks revealed that the project was canceled. And actually, since we did not encounter new information on the McLaren. Better, Microsoft has clearly refocused on entry to wait patiently although the arrival of Windows 10 Mobile. But earlier this week, the 1030 resurfaced.

Lumia 1020
Make you the idea: the Lumia 1020 will not substitute a Lumia 1030!