Goa Sunburn Title

Goa Sunburn Festival is one of the big festival. It is celebrated on 27 December. In this festival there are lots of enjoyment and masti . It organizes at Candolim Beach. It has multiple type of songs and pop dance. People forget their tension and get feeling well. Special feature in this festival, imported wind serves to the people.

It creates a musical ambiance. International tourists eager to see this festival and they come to Goa India. This festival comes before from happy new year and come after Christmas. People reserve the seat before timing of this festival.People  this is a electronic dance music. Multiple artists perform simultaneously. This festival are combination of entertainment, food and masti. By this festival we farewell to present year and wait for new year. Indian Government contribute to organized Goa Sunburn Festival and as much as possible provides facilities.This time all hotels are booked.And major things that Goa Sunburn Festival promote the Goa tourism and create a huge revenue. So Government encourages to raises the opportunity for this festival.