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One of the most popular wedding traditions is having a farewell party just before your wedding day. This is true for both the bride and groom. The bride and her female guests and close friends have a bachelorette party while the groom and his crew engage in a night of rowdiness known as a stag party. Everything that happens during these events stay behind closed doors. Even the bride will never know what has transpired in her groom’s party and vice versa. The wedding goes smoothly the next day and every one lives happily ever after.

But this is not the end. If you hire Manhattan escorts for your party then you have another thing coming. These male and female escorts are so hot; they will burn in your memory forever! And this is just the aftertaste. Wait till you learn what happens behind closed doors.

In a bachelorette party, the bride is serenaded by a gorgeous escort with the body of a god. He is hired by her friends as a gift since this is the last night that she is “allowed” to be with another man. You can hire one, two or more escorts for a party and you can even think of a theme. One of the most popular themes for bachelorette parties are the “men at work” themes where sexy male escorts dance and perform in their work clothes. And of course there is a lot of rowdiness and everyone gets the best time of their lives all thanks to wonderful and talented male Manhattan escorts.

On the other hand, a stag party is a completely different story. Men do not have to plan on elaborate themes. They just pick a Manhattan escorts company on the web, choose girls that they want through the company website and call to book. It will only take minutes for a beautiful model to come over and perform and of course you can make her do things that you want. She can come in different outfits or dress up like a police officer for that dramatic moment! Model escorts are always game for your kind of game but you need to specify this when you book their service so they could have a lot of time to prepare.

The night gets rowdy, everyone has a super memorable time and the groom is pleased with his surprise. And all these is because of a beautiful dream girl that could make all your wishes come true!

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