My dad keeps coming home @ around 2 am nowadays and my mom seems like she dooesn't ask! Cause he has been doing that now for over a month! He used to come back like around elevenish at night, then it went to 11:30 then 12:00 then 12: something,went to 1am  then 1:30am and now its 2AM!! You are wondering why I am keeping tabs on him?! Well I am not! Its just that I don't sleep well if we are not all in the house when we are supposed to be, I get anxious thinking maybe something has happened to them thats why. When I was young and my parents used to go to some party together and they say they are gonnah be home on like 10 pm or something. When they are not home on that time I start getting anxious and I think it has grown with me.Is it a bad thing?  xxmcxx