Inquiries Pertaining To Liquid Dip Usage Answered Clearly

Our company applies high quality industrial coating finishes to products and is notoriously known for being environmentally friendly. There are several types of powder coating which we will discuss.

Industrial powder coating is used in lieu of liquid paint. Plasticol finish is applied to gadgets like wrenches and pliers allowing you to get a firm grip. Fluoropolymer coating techniques may safeguard the merchandise they are administered to which will help the item last longer and work optimal during its lifetime. Some popular industrial fluoropolymer coatings include xylan coating which is used in making non stick cookware.

New powder coating techniques is much more advanced today than many years ago. Precision Coating Technology & Manufacturing Inc. uses many methods for applying applications to a variety of components including but not limited to liquid dip. We offer purification services that will prepare your parts for our special coatings. Our company uses specialty testing and evaluation equipment to ensure that all finishes are administered accurately.

For additional info on powder coating in New Jersey, check out our site. Our factory is located in Lancaster County, PA.