Liquid Spray Procedures Now Accessible

The marvels of technology surround us everyday from smart phones and touch screens to PCs and TVs. But even more fascinating is the high-tech that goes into all the items we never consider - the grip on the stair well of the subway that you hold as you climb aboard, the little buttons on your car radio that ensure you can switch the channels and even the slippery surface on your Teflon pans. All of these everyday objects have been built and either sprayed or dipped with an industrial coating of some kind.

But, if you question the ordinary man on the street about PTFE coating and Teflon coating, you will be met with puzzled looks. While most people do not know about them, here are just some of the uses for industrial coatings in ordinary life:

Surgical instruments, needles and diagnostic equipment are often dipped with a nylon coating to prevent them from corroding while they come in contact with blood and harmful chemicals.

Thousands of Little Parts
The hundreds of brackets and parts that comprise your household appliances, your car or even the rolling office chair you use at the office have likely all been coated with a version of powder coating to prevent damage from corrosion, moisture, heat and other adverse conditions.

High-Tech Tools
The military, emergency services teams and automotive technicians all make use of equipment or tools that have likely been sprayed with plastisol coating to provide a soft grip and in addition provide corrosion, impact and abrasion protection.

Grab bars on trains offer a secure grip, thanks in part to a variety of industrial coating products. Most parts are dipped in fluid or sprayed, offering attractive coloring and exceptional wear-resistance.

In the Kitchen
Your favorite cookware is likely sprayed with a food grade Teflon coating to keep food from getting stuck on. But, look at the baskets in your dishwashing appliances or the rubbery grips on your pans, knives or serving spoons for more instances of industry coating at work.

Industrial coatings are applied at manufacturer facilities all over the country. But, yet you'll find more than a few plants that provide professional powder coating services in PA.

Now when you use those pliers, your hammer or the soft grip of that grab bar on the train, make certain to thank technology for the professional coatings manufacturers and all the ways they make life safer and more comfortable.

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