The great god Note3 in addition to the built-in finger print control program,

  Excellent god Note3 this pick up some of the os is not the same, it carries is based on the Android 5.1 custom COOLUI 6.0 working interface, also have to add the OS 360 small. meizu mx5But from the point of interface, it is we are familiar with COOL UI design, same as 360 OS small did not do with it on the UI changes.
   360 security guards and changes the original cool maid in charge of cellular cellphone security, in the truly amazing god Note3 drop-down selection, you can see 360 security guards in the qualifications to protect program immediately. Excellent god Note3 used additional drop-down selection design, multi-tasking qualifications card putting is implemented.
   Finger marks identification is a fantastic god Note3 leading, the use of finger print identification solutions, 2.0 to 0.5 seconds quickly start up, but if only used to start up, that is some meizu mx5 The great god Note3 in addition to the built-in finger print control program, there is a separate "fingerprint lock" program. Excellent god Note3 finger print identification to back up use of cellular cellphone closed, and not just the body own programs, third-party programs and full assistance.
   Excellent god Note3 assistance in total 5 groups of finger print identification, finger print input is simpler, enter the finger print control programs, according to working hints. When recording good after a set of finger prints, you will find an excellent god Note3 finger print identification of design is more, it supports: a key to meizu m2 note reviewstart up, finger print quick, quick, and start the programs. It can start WeChat by finger print is a key programs, such as more convenient.