Top Dyeing Colors Dresses for Your Bridesmaids

One of the joys of wedding planning is choosing bridesmaid dresses. The style, fabric and color are all important considerations that help carry your chosen color theme throughout the ceremony and reception. All colors have their benefits and drawbacks. The traditional advice is to stay away from black or brown, dark purple, or any shade of beige, white and red bridesmaid dresses.

So, what's a bride to do when she finds the perfect dress style for her wedding party but it's not available in a color that fits her theme? Dress dyeing services come to the rescue by helping you find just the right shade of your chosen color theme. Or, perhaps as a bride you've chosen to dress each attendant in different dress styles, but bring the look together by matching the color and fabric even if the styles vary. In either case, choosing a dress dyeing service will ensure the dresses are professionally dyed to match the precise color you choose.

What if you haven't chosen a color yet? What are the popular colors for bridesmaid dresses and is there any symbolization or meaning behind any particular colors? Here are a few of the most popular colors used and what they stand for, along with ideas to make them more contemporary or traditional based on your own taste. Be sure to use a dress dyeing service to perfectly match the dress colors to your wedding colors.

Blue - A typical favorite of grooms, this color is on the cool end of the color palate. It induces a sense of calm and tranquility, perhaps due to its association with water. Dark blue can bring an upscale elegance to your wedding party and light blue can infuse a balance of masculinity and femininity.

Green - This color brings about a fresh sense of renewal. Associated with nature, spring, and life, using green for your bridesmaid dresses symbolizes luck, fertility, and joy.

Pink - This color is associated with love and romance. Whether opting for a bold shade or a pale pink bridesmaids dressed in pink will exude sweetness and femininity.

Red - A color associated with passion, love, warmth, and heat, choosing bridesmaid dresses in red surrounding your love and the significance of your special day.

Yellow - Bright and sunny, yellow bridesmaid dresses invoke the life-giving energy of the sun. Representing your new life and the importance of your wedding day, whether draped in a bold yellow or a subdued light hue, this choice is increasingly popular for dyeing bridesmaid dresses.