What is Social Media Photography


Do you have any idea what social media photography is? Everyone knows that there many different types of photography just like sports photography, nature, newbornand wedding photography. The kind of photography that is gaining acceptance today is social media photography. A lot of photographers - both professional and amateur are attracted in learning more about social media photography and how they can excel in this field.


With the fast advancement of technology today, a lot of smart phones are manufactured and this led the way for more photo enthusiasts to discover photography and social media. Enhancing of images captured and sharing them on the web have turn out to be simpler because of the many wonderful mobile applications offered these days


How Photographers Could use Social Media

Simply defined, social media photography is the association between taking pictures and posting them in social networking sites just like Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Before, it takes time to post an image from your DSLR camera to your different social media accounts because you have to manually remove first your memory card and edit your image to your personal computer before posting it. These days, you can find new DSLR cameras in the market which can help you quickly modify your photos and upload them on your social media accounts for buddies and customers to see.


This is a great advantage for professional photographers who wish to market their business online. They can easily share their works for the public to see and for them to be able to reach out to more future customers. It is now crucial for skilled photographers to be active in social media sites since there are many clients who love purchasing and doing business on the web.


Making the most of Social Media for Your Business
Whenever you create a profile in social media, you have to make sure that you include your contact information and add pictures. You need to ascertain your reliability and you need to win over the viewing online public. Be honest in what you include and answer all queries or messages sent to you via the web.


With regards, the pictures you share, if you prefer to take photographs utilizing your DSLR and just transfer pictures to your computer later, you need to make sure these pictures are of high-quality. Correct lighting should also be considered to highlight the image you are posting on your social media accounts. It's usually done with a higher ISO setting up to 3200 which will allow you to have more light while shooting faster and with white balance option.


It is also important to have a greater resolution image, since some photos taken by low quality cameras tend to produce blurry and grainy images once uploaded on the internet. It would be a good investment if you would go for a better resolution DSLR camera if you can afford it. Don’t fail to remember to practice and study your camera first.