AcknowledgmentsThe thermal property measurements used in this investigation were funded

A3000 APS equipment (Plasma-Technik®, Switzerland) was used to deposit 200 μm thickness of WC–12wt%Co coating. The APS process was carried out in an Ar/H2 Retaspimycin gases. Table 2 lists the spray parameters employed for WC–Co deposits. Selected spray parameters were optimized according to our previous investigations [16] and [21]. Before plasma spraying, the steel substrate was first grit blasted to Ra ≈ 6 μm using a manual blasting machine, with 500 μm angular alumina grits in order to increase the contact surface at the interface between the substrate and the coating and then washed for 15 min in an ultrasonic bath in water and isopropyl alcohol. All specimens were then mounted on the circumference of a horizontally rotating turntable and cooled during and after spraying with compressed air jets. The plasma gun was attached to a transverse unit controlling the vertical movement. In this case, the rotating speed was 120 rpm (with linear speed of 0.8 m/s) and vertical transverse speed was chosen 0.15 m/s.