Pure Al Al Si and MMC Al SiCp and

Based on the above, it RG2833 can be determined that the morphology of the coatings is highly dependent of the matrix used.
3.5. Influence of the matrices in the coating properties
The influence of the matrices in the coating properties such as adhesion and hardness has been evaluated. Based on Table 2 and Table 3 an increase of adhesion strength has been achieved with the incorporation of SiCp into the coating from 5–7.6 MPa of Al coatings to 12–13 MPa for Al-MMC coatings and from 8.7–10.5 MPa of Al11Si coatings to 11–13 MPa for Al11Si MMC coatings. Fig. 9 presents a comparison between the two matrices (pure Al and Al11Si); the dotted line represented in all plots indicates the conditions for equality. As can be seen in Fig. 9a, the adhesion of the Al11Si matrix is higher than gynoecium of the pure Al, although similar values have been observed for the MMC coatings, independently of the matrix used. This indicates that the addition of Si in the pure Al to form the Al11Si matrix increases the adhesion of the sprayed powders to the substrate in comparison with the pure Al powders.