FZ1200R33KF2C Eupec Infineon IGBT Module

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FZ1200R33KF2C is the best Infineon (formerly Eupec) IGBT Module you’ll need to boost the performance of your inverters for motor drive, and eliminate their problems. FZ1200R33KF2C is a 190-mm single switch IGBT Module that weighs 8.82 lbs. with a collector emitter voltage of 3300V and a collector current amount of 1200A.


FZ1200R33KF2C has a robust module construction, which is a one-of-a-kind feature that enables the power module to sustain full functionality in the long run. Its layout construction is designed to withstand heat caused by prolonged operations. Regardless of how many hours used, any user can rely on FZ1200R33KF2C’s unmatched durability.


Eupec Infineon FZ1200R33KF2C is indeed, cost-effective and can ensure high efficiency to boost the capacity of inverters for motor drive. Furthermore, it’s been proven that to last longer than any other power modules.