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Fig. 8. The typical cross-section profile of VAL-083 worn scars of GW63K Mg alloy.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload high-quality image (229 K)Download as PowerPoint slide
Table 1.
Wear properties of Mg alloy with NC structure and UFG.MaterialsGrain sizeSliding speed (m/s)Sliding distance (m)/duration (min)Load (N)Wear performance compared with CG counterpartDominate wear mechanismRef.AZ31~ 0.1 μm0.0066 m5, 25BetterAbrasion, oxidation[34]AZ91Nanoscale0.012–0.10810, plastids 45 min20–100BetterAbrasion[8]AE421.5 um0.33–32500 m5–20BetterAbrasion, oxidation, delamination, plastic deformation[29]AZ9130 nm0.0230 min3–15BetterAbrasion, oxidation[9]AZ9130 nm0.002–0.0230 min7BetterN/A[10]0.028SimilarAZ910.6 μm1–103 min10WorseAbrasion, oxidation[19]GW63KNanoscale0.05–0.260 m7WorseAbrasion, oxidation, delaminationThis workFull-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV