What kind of lock you need?

We will complain we have no choice when there are no many products for us. In contrast, we have trouble too if there are lots of things in suppliers, for example, window and door accessories suppliers china. So under this situation, we should get clear which kind of lock we need when we choose it.


There are some categories of locks for your choice if you need them.

Padlocks: partitioned brass padlock, iron padlock, padlock and password padlock zinc alloy, its main specifications are 15,20,25,30,40,50,60 and 75mm.

Transportation lock: min steel lock, locks

Drawer locks: lock drawer into the all-copper, copper sets drawer locks, aluminum cabinet locks drawer locks and around its main specifications are φ22.5mm and 16mm.

Door locks marbles: the insurance into a single lock, double insurance locks, three insurance door locks and more Insurance. This kind of lock is very popular in the market of door hardware wholesale China.

Mortise lock: also known as security locks, mortise lock steel doors and wooden doors into mortise lock,

Ball Lock: ball-type door locks into copper and three ball-type door locks, as well as private rooms lock.


Of course, the same trouble will come out when you choose glass from float glass supplier China. Now we can do is do some work before we buy the products we need for our home decoration.