For the coatings prepared with

Table 1.
Thickness and chemical composition of SNX-5422 TiAgx for different Ag pellets' area.Ag exposed area (cm2)Chemical composition (at.%)Ag/Ti atomic ratioThickness (μm)TiAgZone I0.7599.90.044.0 × 10− 41.731.2599.80.22.0 × 10− 31.52Zone II2.5394.25.86.2 × 10− 21.535.7473.526.53.6 × 10− 11.55Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV
3.2. Structural and morphological evolution
Fig. 1 shows the XRD patterns (as-deposited and annealed ones) for the sample with the lowest Ag content, representative of the films indexed to zone I. In the same way, Fig. 2 shows the evolution of the diffraction patterns of the sample with the highest Ag/Ti ratio, representative of the set of films from zone II.
Fig. 1 (left) and Fig. 2 (right). X-ray diffraction patterns for samples from zone I (Ag content: 0.04 at.%) and zone II (Ag content: 26.5 at.%), respectively, with increasing annealing temperature.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload high-quality image (533 K)Download as PowerPoint slide