The object of this paper is the

The object of this paper is the effects of NiCr based bond coat and heat treatment process on adhesive strength of air MK-2048 sprayed WC-12wt%Co coatings were investigated.
2. Experimental
2.1. Coating materials
The agglomerated and sintered WC-12wt%Co feedstock powder obtained from TAFA-Praxair® (1324VM) was used as overlay WC-Co coating. In addition, clad Ni-9wt%Cr-5wt%Al-5.5wt%Mo-5wt%Fe Sulzer-Metco® (Metco444) powder was applied as NiCr based interlayer bond coat. In this case, substrates were chosen mild steel (0.23wt%C). The main characteristics of overlay and bond coat powders used are ventilation given in Table 1.
Table 1.
Powder feedstock characteristics.CharacteristicsWC-Co coatingNiCr bond coatPowder size (μm)− 53 + 11− 125 + 45Manufacturing processAgglomeration and SinteringCast and crashedPowder morphologySpherical and semi-sphereCladManufacturer companyTAFA-Praxair®Metco®Powder specification1324VM/WC727-1Metco 444Flow density (g/mm3)4.24.2Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV