We already characterized a series of Mo films coated

The substrate material selected for this Tozasertib study was Ni-based superalloy (grade similar to Nimonic-75 alloy) Superni 75 (1Fe–20Cr–0.3Ti–0.1Al–0.1C–balance Ni) provided by Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd., Hyderabad (India), in rolled sheet form. The specimens with dimensions of 20 × 15 × 3 mm were prepared from the alloy sheets, polished with SiC papers down to 180 grit, and subsequently grit blasted with 60 grit alumina powder before coating deposition. The commercially available Ni–20Cr feedstock material (commercial name Sulzer 43FNS) in the powder form with an average particle size of 45 μm was used for depositing the coating on the substrate superalloy. The SEM micrograph along with EDX and XRD analyses of the powder has been shown in Fig. 1 and Fig. 2, respectively. The shape of the particles (Fig. 1) was of mixed type, which varied from spherical to elongated globules. The XRD analysis of the powder reveals the presence of Ni and Cr phases as shown in Fig. 2. The EDX analysis of the powder particles (Fig. 1) shows semen the composition is in agreement with designated (80 wt.%Ni–20 wt.%Cr) composition. The coating was deposited by cold spray process at ASB Industries, Inc., Barberton, Ohio by Kinetics 4000 equipment (CGT Technologies, Germany). The employed spraying parameters are presented in Table 1.