Funny, Weird and Interesting

Funny, Weird and Interesting

Indonesia is home to the most exotic and unexpected things. With 17,800 islands which can give you a variety of things to do, explore and experience, you will not run out of things which can be pretty surprising.


Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours has these following spoilers:


1.            Flora and Fauna


Being rich in natural resources, Indonesia has proved to be a natural habitat once again when in 2010, 200 new species of animals. Some of the most famous animals to be reviewed most of the time are:


•              Javana Rino


In no other place can you find these majestic beasts.  A local in Indonesia, they are treated with respect. If any other place claims it, they may be talking fraud.


•              Komodo Dragon


On the island of Komodo lives Komodo dragon. Komodo dragon it is a dangerous big reptile and it can eat a human. Komodo dragons live only in the national park of the Komodo Island.


2.            National Cuisine


Some people may find it weird to eat snakes or crickets but not in the streets of Indonesia. There are more than a lot of choices for those who are sensitive eaters to turn their stomachs upside down.


Rice remains a staple food just like any other parts of Asia. The combination though comes from different cultures around the world. One of the most traditional is the Soto Soup which is served differently depending on the region.


3.            Movies


Unlike other neighboring countries, Indonesians watch their movies through subtitles and prefer not to dub them.


4.            Corpse’s tea time


In cultures where passing over to the ancestors is a cause for celebration, funerals can be very grand affairs. A handful of Indonesia's 300+ ethnic groups celebrate the death of their loved ones with ritual sacrifice lasting several days. In Toraja, in the highlands of Sulawesi, whole villages are built just for the funeral and dozens of buffalo will be slaughtered.


Death in Indonesia is a very big event even when you are in Jakarta which most practices are already westernized. In this event, the corpse serves as the host and is placed in the center of the living room.


In the south-eastern island of Sumba, the dead person sits in a specially-built bamboo chair in their own house and hosts the guests from there. They provide pork, rice and endless cups of tea and coffee every day for at least a week; on the final day horses and buffalos are killed and skinned in the village center. When the feasting is done, the host is bundled into a megalithic tomb along with the other ancestors.


5.            Forest Nomads


You might be able to meet these nomads while trekking. They set their tents on some rich part of the forest, plant their crops and hunt for food and move on when it is already infertile.