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If you're a normal human who likes fashion and occasionally buys something nice for yourself, you've probably been shamed for it at some point, by someone. Now for men who thing bags are a waste of money, Ladies I think it's important to remind them that the moment to they start driving their Selling Designer Inspired Handbags Laws, Designer Inspired Handbags China, Designer Inspired Guess Handbags new car, it depreciates to almost half the price, however, a good chanel bag, especially a classic will most likely appreciate as the years go on. But i always tell them that my bags have resale value and whenever i may have the need for money, i could always resell my bags at a good price.

Which is odd, because I pay for the bags from the rather large salary that I earn by being extremely good at my job and working hard - which my colleagues obviously know. I can't afford these bags and have to work to pay them off….but there is something about a good bag that just makes me feel good. Right now I'm carrying a Roger Vivier U Shopping Tote and I have 2 sling bags from The Row. Well, if they can't judge you for your hobby (would be pretty hard since it's the same for everyone's thing on tPF), sex (more and more men are joining us all the time) then they gotta find something else to pick on. Just rock your bags like you mean it, I think it's fab when I see a man carry a cool bag!

Yes, from time to time that I get all these shocking facial expressions from my colleagues about all different designer bags I carry to work. My own mother and sisters called me a money-hungry whore (excuse the expression, not my own words!) for buying expensive bags. We were robbed on New Year's Even and they stole all of my LV bags (except a Lockit that does not scream LV) including a brand new LV Zephyr suitcase.

When the police came and a report was filled out I feel like I was shamed saying that they stole 10 bags worth about $30k. As a woman who not only works in fashion, but is so passionate that it literally gives me life to see new collections for upcoming seasons in my inbox or news of a sample sale for one of my fav brands, I shouldn't have to feel bad” for spending my hard earned money on something that is a reflective of such a huge aspect of who I am and what I love. I have a small slide-in/slide-out large shoebox beneath my desk that my bags are placed on not only for safe keeping but for proper out of the way storage.

People don't understand that most expensive bags actually can increase in value, unlike the newest i phone or set of golf clubs. I have 2 Dutch girlfriends - thighter than the Scotts they are - splitting each restaurant bill down to second decimal, taking home leftover casserole that they brought to my party … and I can go on. At 65 years of age & collecting Wholesale Designer Inspired Handbags From China, Designer Inspired Handbags Los Angeles, Designer Inspired Handbags Wholesale for a long time, I no longer care what anyone thinks. Selling Inspired Designer Handbags Legal, Designer Inspired Handbags In United States, Selling Designer Inspired Handbags