We assessed the effect of organic

Enumeration analysis detected no E. coli O157:H7 in the non-inoculated PF-04457845 samples throughout the entire incubation period. Changes in E. coli O157:H7 counts with time in the test soils are shown in Fig. 1. To compare the survival kinetics of the test soils, the survival data were fitted to the Weibull model. The Weibull model can fit the experimental data very well with a mean R2 of 0.97. Moreover, variations in model parameters were observed in different soils, especially the δ values that represent the time needed for the first decimal reduction ( Fig. 3). Most δ values increased after the amendment of organic fertilizers, except the alkaline soil (E) ( Fig. 2). In the present study, p values of most test soils were more than 1 ( Fig. 2). The survival times (td) calculated from the Weibull model (Eq. (1)) also varied considerably among the test soils ( Fig. 2). Simple correlation analysis revealed that td was positively correlated with δ (r = 0.742, p < 0.01).