Useful Photo Applications for Android Smart Phones


Many of us used to think that it is not possible to become good in taking photos with only a mobile phone at hand. But then, as a result of modern technology we now have it is amazing to find out that it is possible to catch brilliant images using a camera phone.


You can also find some photo editing software now that can help make pictures look more fantastic. Here are several photo editing programs that a lot of photographers have in their android smart phone.

Manual Camera
This is a great program for someone who would like to have more professional looking images. It is best with Android 5.0 Lollipop and offers features that can be set to make pictures look better. You can adjust the shutter speed, focus, white balance and exposure.


Google Camera
Google Camera is an easy to use app that has the ability to generate high-resolution panoramic images. It is regarded as the best to use this year 2015. This application runs in mobile phones with Android Lollipop operating system. Google Camera is simple to use and manage and it is user-friendly according to some owners that have used it. You don’t need to be an expert to produce great images. 


Camera Zoom FX
This editing and enhancing software has a variety of settings and features that users would definitely like. It has various shoot modes that are interesting for photographers use and practice. Some of the shoot modes they can use are snap shot, multiple shots, steady shot, timed, and even a voice activated shoot mode. Camera Zoom FX comes with photo editing options like color effects transformation. 


Camera360 Ultimate
Camera360 Ultimate is recognised as the most well-liked photo editing software for smart phones. It features a lens-filter system which can be used before taking any shots. Additionally, it has a passport photo option giving you the ideal clear image for passport usage.