Automatic Cat Feeder

Traditional timer-based automatic feeders require the owner to figure portion sizes in terms of measuring cups. This in itself is a guessing game, but if you have multiple pets, once the food is delivered to the bowl, who knows which pet actually eats it? Those days are over, the patented AutoDietTM Feeder measures how Automatic Cat Feeder much each pet eats over 3 days, then sets their allowances automatically! If you want any pet to lose weight, just a few keystrokes puts them on an individual weight loss diet. Every pet gets their fair share without fussing with measuring cups or separated feeding areas. No other feeder can do this!

The feeder divides the allowance into 24 small increments which accrue throughout the day. If a pet is of normal weight… no action is required just watch and enjoy! If they need to lose or gain weight, with just a few keystrokes, you can modify their diet. If a pet tries to pig-out, the feeder doors shut ‘em down! Metering small increments promotes healthy “grazing” behavior and eliminates gorging/vomiting seen in some pets. The feeder even alerts you if any pet is underfeeding: to warn of illness.