Correctly installed outdoor LED advertising screen a couple of standard hyperlinks

Outside LED marketing screen with good stability, low energy consumption, wide range of radiation as well as other positive aspects, together with the dissemination of data within the outdoors, it is the most appropriate solution. Generally, the frequent LED(EN12966) show advertising screen, provisions screen, graphics screen, and so on, but in addition constitute urban life, the preferred brightness light-emission.


So when outdoors to develop such a high-quality LED advertising screen, which specifics the variables must pay interest to it, I believe that these are the people most concerned about the subject, especially for building workers in some technical terms, recognize outdoor construction, upkeep of marketing screens will effectively promote small business marketing, data dissemination conducted. Particularly, billboards LED electronic display mounted field survey, gear building, installation, commissioning making use of four links.


Very first, the web-site survey


This refers towards the former of those outside LED(VMS) show installation, must specific atmosphere, topography, emitting radiation range, brightness as well as other parameters Jinxin acceptance uniform test, to be able to make sure the smooth installation of billboards, requiring lifting prior to installation, should address unified command staff lifting system implementation, to ensure normal and steady use of your device.


Second, LED device structures


For some outdoor LED marketing screen when set up, we have to treat the wall marketing screen, marketing screen and roof pendant form advertising screen. The actual installation need to be based on the distance height, using a crane and hoist lifting segment, when making certain that the above persons cooperate with one another for the LED advertising screen high-altitude operations, there is a improved installation course of action.


Third, debugging emitting radiation variety


Next, we've to carry out certain variety of radiation detection, as a result of diverse radiation variety, LED display will setup distinct point of view, and we generally viewing angle range to the outdoor LED show fixed installation work in accordance using the field the ability to accept, to ensure that every angle away go afar, one particular can see a regular, balanced brightness image, caption details.


Fourth, the follow-up inspection and maintenance


Follow-up testing, like a number variety, such as LED display waterproof, thermal layer, LED show waterproof coating, the screen above the storm scope, both sides with the cooling air, the power supply lines, and so on., these basic elements items constitute the complete stable excellent graphic LED display, post technical upkeep, we have to address these components a unified management and maintenance, encountered rust, instability, when broken, you might want to be replaced, to make sure protected use of the complete show.


All round, the outdoor LED(speed limit sign) advertising screen, high-tech back cooling, dot matrix light source unified management, and more conducive for the use of your show, these simple steps are the installation of outside advertising screen once more shows the LED screen installed them The crucial element to master these, you are able to make us far more stable and effective use of advertising displays, exhibits outstanding qualities of its details dissemination.