An Basic Introduction to Laurocapram (Azone) Skin Penetration

Azone is the synthesis of transdermal enhancers on behalf of drug, it is a colorless or light yellow transparent oily liquid, soluble in alcohol, ether, cyclohexane, petroleum ether and other organic solvents, but it does not dissolve in water. It is used primarily to help agent. Are widely used pesticides, medicines, cosmetics and other fields. Laurocapram (Azone) Skin Penetration can speed up the drug penetrate the skin without skin severe irritation and damage. Laurocapram (Azone) Skin Penetration was mainly by reversibly altering skin structures to penetrate into the skin and reduce the drug through the skin's resistance and achieve the objective of promoting systemic absorption, or local treatment. Laurocapram (Azone) Skin Penetration, is characterized by many water, oil of synthetic drugs has a very good role.

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