Eliminating index.dat files

Index.dat records place

These records are observed under each account in three different places. To be able to see them in Windows Explorer be sure to have allowed it to view hidden and system files.

a. The positioning of the history index.dat files

It's positioned in the next folder: "C:Documents and Settings\Local SettingsHistoryHistory.IE5"

Also the file occurs in several subdirectories with the prefix MSHist, (for example: "C:Documents and Settings\Local SettingsHistoryHistory.IE5MSHist012004073120040801")

You'll find it by writing this address within the Explorer address field and changing '' with a valid login.

b. The location of cache index.dat report

It's positioned in these folder:

Settings\Local SettingsTemporary Internet and "c:documents FilesContent.IE5".

You will find it by writing this address within the Explorer address field and replacing '' with a valid login. To explore additional info, please consider checking out: my manta.com/c/mtm42j8/leodis-c-matthews-apc/.

H. The place of the cookie index.dat file

This report could be the easiest to locate and is available here 'C:Documents and Settings\Cookies.'

You can find it by typing this address in the Explorer address field and replacing '' having a valid user-name.

4. How do I eliminate index.dat records?

Erasing the index.dat files is just a complex and frustrating task. The files are secured by the system and can't be erased right.

MS-DOS skills are needed by you on Windows 95/98/ME. The idea would be to produce a boot disk, start the computer with the boot disk, and remove the records from the MS-DOS prompt.

O-n Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 you possibly can make the Windows unlock the files by developing a new temporary consumer with administrator rights.

4.1 The easy way to delete index.dat records

As opposed to applying boot disks and other techniques, check out Wipe Expert, and let it delete the index.dat records or optionally clean it. Our product will also tidy up many other privacy dangers within your program.

A free of charge evaluation copy of Wipe Expert are available at: http://www.bodrag.com/internet-eraser.html.