BSM150GB120DN2 Infineon IGBT Module

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BSM150GB120DN2 is the best Infineon IGBT module to upgrade your motor drive inverters. It has exceptional features that make this device standout from the rest. BSM150GB120DN2 has a weight of 3.31 lbs., a collector emitter voltage of 1200 and a collector current of 210 amperes.


BSM150GB120DN2 is one of the most suitable modules for motor drive inverters due to its advanced components. To improve efficiency, it is equipped with the well-known freewheeling diode. This enables the device to eliminate flybacks especially when there’s induction loading.


Infineon BSM150GB120DN2 also has a low inductance layout and has a system which can easily detect temperature changes. With these, thermal management is easier and the device can even function on high temperatures!