Wrong Fuel in the Tank? Steps for Managing Recovery

Accidentally filling a tank with the wrong fuel is easier to manage than many people think. Upon realizing the mistake, the first instinct is to panic. Fortunately, there are ways to go about vehicle breakdown insurance and avoid any ill effects. Here are some of the steps involved in that process.

Driving the Car

The first step toward dealing with the wrong fuel in car is to avoid operating the vehicle while a decision is made about what to do next. This means that even cranking the engine in order to move the car away from the pump and to a more convenient location is out of the question. If it is necessary to move the vehicle, then place it into neutral and push the car to another location. Even running the engine for a couple of minutes can be enough for engine damage to take place. Instead of making a bad situation worse, use whatever means necessary to avoid turning the key and activating the engine.

Call the Auto Club or Insurance Provider

It is obvious that some sort of help is needed. The question is where to find that help. One of the best resources is the insurance company that provides the coverage on the vehicle. After explaining what happened to the customer service representative, it is possible to find out if the provider uses any local service for fuel assistance needs. If so, the representative can help make the arrangements for someone to come out and take care of the issue.

Alternatively, there is the option of calling the local auto club. They will also have access to repair shops that offer fuel assistance for situations of this nature. In this scenario, someone will come out and pump the fuel out of the tank. The tank is then flushed in order to remove any lingering traces of the wrong fuel in car. Once the tank is once again clean, it will be simple enough to push the car back to a pump and fill the tank with the right type of fuel.

Remember that the moment the mistake is noticed, take action immediately. Doing so will make it possible to avoid any long term damage to the engine and the heft repair bill that goes with the process. Rest assured that repair professionals have seen this type of event in the past and will know exactly what to do. After a short time, the mistake will be corrected and the car owner can get back to the normal daily routine.