Fig shows the time profile

3.5. qPCR analysis of dsrB and aprA NVP-AUY922 under SO42−-S/NO3−-N ratio of 5:5
As shown in Fig. 5, dsrB gene was much more abundant than aprA gene in SR unit, with the log value ranging from 27.1 to 21.1 for dsrB and from 6.9 to 8.6 for aprA (copies gram of sludge), respectively. The log dsrB/aprA value was 3.9 for compartment #1 and 2.4 for #2, respectively. In contrast, the aprA gene was rather higher than dsrB gene, with the log value ranging from 27.8 to 18.1 for aprA gene and 7.7 to 10.1 for dsrB gene (copies gram of sludge) in DSR unit, respectively. The log dsrB/aprA value was 0.27 for compartment #3 and 0.56 for #4, respectively ( Fig. 5). The difference on dsrB and aprA distribution verified the separated function in SR and DSR units. The results on microbial community and functional genes indicated the shift of SRB and SOB took important roles in sulfur reclamation.
Fig. 5. Abundance of dsrB and aprA gene copies and dsrB/aprA ratio in compartments #1 to #4 at the steady state of stage II.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide