Psychology when buying package box

Consumer psychology research shows that consumers in the purchase of goods before have complex mental activity, especially when they buy package box from packing box supplier China and the difference in many aspects of age, gender, occupation, ethnicity, education level, social environment.


First is realistic psychological. Most of the major consumer of psychological characteristics of consumers in the consumption process is realistic and psychological, that the practical effect of the most important commodities, commodity hope easy to use, cheap, does not deliberately pursue new aesthetic appearance and style. Holding realistic psychological consumer groups are primarily mature consumers, wage earners, housewives and the elderly consumer groups. Under this situation, my suggestion is go to Shenzhen wooden watch boxes wholesale for your favorite package box. What’s more, beauty psychological is also common. There is a certain tolerance of the economy for the United States psychological consumer prevails, pay attention to the shape of the product itself and the external packaging, pay more attention to the artistic value of the goods. Holds for the United States psychological consumer groups are primarily young people, the intelligentsia, and in such groups in the proportion of women up to 75.3%.


In terms of product categories, jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, crafts and gift packaging need to pay more attention to the aesthetic value of psychological performance. I think we can go to the China jewelry showcase manufacturer and find the product for use.