Relationship Advice for Women

A durable, strong and healthy relation can be one of the greatest supports in your life. A good relationship improves all aspect of your life, firming up your well-being, your thoughts and your links with others. On the other hand, if the relationship is not going properly, it could be a tremendous groove in life. Relationships are just like an investment, the more effort you dedicate, the more reward you retrieve. Here is the relationship advice for women for keeping a meaningful, healthy and fulfilling relationship in both happy and sad times.

- Trust your partner
- Keep physical closeness alive
- Listen to his point of view keenly and calmly
- Stay silent when he is in angry mood or hurt you
- Stay involved with your partner
- Getting through conflicts without humiliating each other
- Direct communication to avoid critical situations
- Spend quality time with each other in every circumstance
- Never stop to communicate otherwise it may lead to permanent disconnections
- Always praise him for his success and achievements
- Celebrate little things and events of life
- Always give space to your relation when you think things will go wrong
- Try to be his shoulder in difficult situations to lean on
- Never behave like a drama queen to seek attention, it will be disastrous for your own self
- Do not assume anything or if you, then question your assumptions from him
- Do not criticize him as guys can not listen to criticism from women
- Forget troubles for a while and openly laugh together
- Don’t be ruthless with your partner
- Be kind and helpful to him
- Never adopt an attitude of being right or blaming him to be wrong
- In case of any conflict, identify the root cause and try to move past it.
- Recognize the liking and disliking of your partner
- Recognize what is important to your partner
- Face every problem together as a couple
- Be flexible in your relation and be open to change
- Counsel your partner with emotional and spiritual advices
- Help him in building intelligence and emotional stability with individual therapy techniques
- Be true to each other
- Do not compare your relationship with any of your friend’s relation
- Do not cheat, if you are unhappy just leave the relation
- Never underestimate your partner or force him to recall his past

Most of the women say they try a lot but they fail to make relationships go smoothly. Some others say they had no clue when the relation started to go moldy. These relationship advices for women will be effective for progression of a lifelong bond with your partner.

We suggest females to ponder on and apply these relationship advices for women to gain happiness and peace in your relation. Consequently if you really want your relation to work out, just cling to 3 C’s: Communication, Compromise and Commitment.

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