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Worldwide consultancy firm Aedas is taking a reverse approach and backing its way into the Americas. In celebrating its 10th anniversary, the firm opened its second office in the U.S. and third in the Americas, bringing the company to a total of 31 offices around the globe.

Its newest office, located in Seattle, is headed by managing director Robert Bruckner, AIA. Bruckner says he has had a long history of working with Aedas and that the shared familiarity has made the transition easy. Bruckner, who has been practicing in Seattle since 1987, specializes in research and academic projects. The city, he says, is on an economic rebound, which in part fueled Aedas’s decision to open up shop in the area. “It doesn’t look like we’re in the middle of a recession here.”

Aedas, which originated in Hong Kong and London simultaneously, consults with clients on architecture, interior design, master planning, landscape, and urban design. Aedas also has offices in Los Angeles and Toronto.

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