Dutch for Expats: learn Dutch fast in Amsterdam!

Considering the variety of Dutch language courses being offered these days, and for that reason many options for studying languages abroad, for an expat you must ensure that you are selecting a quality experience in addition to a high quality education. When you're seeking learn dutch amsterdam, Amsterdam occurs when being.

Choose wisely and look at Dutch at Dutch Courses Amsterdam Katakura WBLC, a quality school for you to immerse yourself in the culture and adventure of an foreign country while you study Dutch. It is rather much apreciated while in the Netherlands when foreigners can speak Dutch. That thing to accomplish in your life, learning another language is a superb challenge at Dutch Courses Amsterdam Katakura WBLC if you are chances to gain confidence and qualifications to develop a foundation for the future career.

Dutch Courses Amsterdam Katakura WBLC has 2 locations in Amsterdam. The first is found in the centre of Amsterdam nearby the Anne Frank House and yet another consistantly improves south part of Amsterdam near to the World Trade Centre.

Dutch Classes Amsterdam - Our Dutch Courses

Dutch for Expats
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Why Katakura WBLC?

Our school is international, friendly and relaxed.
We guarantee small classes learn dutch in amsterdam (max 8 students), leading systematically from 1 level to another.
The whole teachers are native-speakers, experienced, highly competent and therefore are using communicative, dynamic methodology.
Our teachers make learning fun and find amazing results. Lively conversation and discussion is definitely the main aim, a sizable language input (vocabulary and grammar) and employ of other skills.
We provide 12-, 8-, 4-, 2-1 week and weekend courses, (semi)intensive Dutch language courses with monthly start dates.
2 locations in Amsterdam (Amsterdam Centre & Amsterdam World Trade Centre).
Competitive pricing.

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