Sinorock has many types of rock bolt

Sinorock is an rock bolt manufacturer which has particular expertise and long experience.Companies introduce advanced rock bolt production technology, at the same time also try to provide the most satisfactory anchor products for our customers.We provide different types of anchor bolt,we have a full of rock bolt system.Here introduce two types of it:
The classic version is a cast in plate rock bolt.These bolts are inserted into concrete while it is still wet,with the threaded part sticking up.When the concrete hardens,the bolt is set in place,and objects can be bolted down with the use of a nut that connects to the threaded section.These bolts are often used in new construction projects,where the location of walls and other elements that need to be connected to the foundation is well known.
The other type is a bolt that is inserted into the concrete after it sets.These bolts require a drilled hole,and they can be fastened in place with epoxy or with a wedge that expands to trap the bolt when it is tightened.For retrofitting and similar tasks,these bolts can be very useful,although it is important to install them properly or they may fail,sometimes catastrophically.