Sony: two new flagship stores at IFA?

Sony's smartphones are perhaps not as much noise as the luxury models from Samsung or LG, but they are nevertheless moving solid on which we can rely. The Japanese manufacturer would have two new products in its pipes for the autumn.

It was during the IFA in early September that Sony is expected to unveil two flagships. Known by the names and Xperia Xperia S60 S70, these smartphones inaugurate a new line, as can the Xperia X, T, E, etc.

Both terminals should embark 32GB of storage and would be offered in very different colors: white, black, yellow and "coral" for S60, and black, white, gold and green for S70. Apart from this information of paramount importance, although little is known about these devices ... except their rates: $ 853 respectively count and $ 919!

We would be there in the presence of high-end smartphones with specifications to match.