IGBT Module 7MBR50SB120 - Semiconductor from Fuji Electric

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7MBR50SB120 is a perfect Fuji Electric semiconductor to make servo drives attain optimum electric performance! With its dynamic features, you’ll never look for another transistor module again!


7MBR50SB120 is a Fuji IGBT power module with modified electrical isolation on adjacent devices. With a weight of 5.34 lbs., 7MBR50SB120 can meet the demands of servo drives with ease with its ability to produce 1200V of collector emitter voltage and 50A or collector current.


With a powerful module construction and a compact package, 7MBR50SB120 guarantees high durability. Aside from boosting the power of servo drives, it can also sustain that ability longer than any other semiconductors.


Fuji 7MBR50SB120 is equipped with a converter diode bridge, a very powerful component that can change alternating current to direct current. This also ascertains that the output polarity is the same with input polarity.