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Well a 2 bed apartment could be anything from a 550 sq ft city bolt hole to a 1500 sq ft penthouse suite. The fact that they have 2 bedrooms doesn't hide the fact that they are poles apart. One you couldn't swing a cat in, the other you could probably fit in a small cricket pitch.

Sales and leasing transactions are the bread and butter of Grid Condos services companies, providing higher margins than property management or corporate services.

How does your house stack up to the competition? If your home has gone a reasonable time on the market, and it has had showings, but hasn't sold, then you might not be showing well in comparison to your competition. Go take a look at other homes in your area that are for sale. How do they compare to yours? Look at if they are staged. What does he yard look like? How do they smell? This is the time to be critical and perfectly honest with yourself. Are there changes you need to make around your home to be competitive?

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Both single-family, re-sale homes and grid condos rose in April, as is to be expected this time of year. The sale of single-family, re-sales homes gained 23.1% from March, a 5.2% decline year-over-year. Sales of condos and lofts rose 17.5% month-over-month, but were down 22.1% compared to last April.

Instead they could have concentrated their efforts on a few 'well chosen' words to encourage the property sales industry to incorporate this figure into their details. After all they seem very adept at forcing producers in the food industry to show how many 'micro -mini- milligrams' of salt there is in a pie, or how much CO2 is produced by your fridge. Meanwhile the poor property buyer is pretty much kept in the dark.

The idea, then, is to buy a property, and request a new zoning designation which makes it more valuable. If you can get the zoning changed, you can then resell the property for a profit. And if that sounds too easy, you are right. It takes some work.

The Fed is scheduled to buy Treasuries today that are due to mature between 10/31/14 and 9/30/16; the results of the operation will be announced just after 10:00am CDT.