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Cancer represents a multidimensional spectrum of illnesses characterised by malignancies. It is a main overall health dysfunction transpiring in just about each component of the entire world. Oxidative pressure is associated in the pathophysiology of numerous types of cancers. Human program is regularly exposed to equally exogenous and endogenous absolutely free radicals. Oxidative stress will cause gene mutation, which qualified prospects to alterations in the signal transduction pathways, which eventually qualified prospects to the advancement of cancer. Antioxidants shield the cells from these absolutely free radical mediated harm and aid in the therapy of cancer . Breast cancer refers to tumour that happens in the tissues of the breast. Breast most cancers is the most typical form of most cancers amid ladies around the world. A lot more than 1 million breast most cancers scenarios are recently identified globally every year . Breast most cancers is the most advanced and heterogenous condition. Based mostly on the expression of receptors in the breast cancer tissues, the breast cancer is categorized into 3 sorts viz ER/PR optimistic, Her2 optimistic and triple unfavorable . Curcuma amada Roxb is a properly acknowledged rhizomatous herb which is commonly identified as mangoginger that belongs to the relatives Zingiberaceae that is widely cultivated in various components of South India. C. amada rhizomes have been utilized for culinary needs and pickle preparations in South India. Our previous study have shown that the methanolic extract possess great antioxidant exercise and also did not induce cytotoxicity towards yeast cells. Consequently, the existing research was formulated to evaluate the DNA problems inducing capacity of the methanolic extract of leaves and rhizomes from ER constructive and Triple adverse breast most cancers mobile traces MCF-seven and MDA MB 231, respectively. A non-cancerous breast cell line HBL-one hundred and eukaryotic design organism yeast was also utilised for comparison. C. amada Roxb rhizomes ended up procured from Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, Centre for Indian medicinal plant heritage, Kanjikode, Kerala and were being developed as pot culture in our university herbal back garden and ended up determined by Botanical Survey of India, Southern circle. Equally leaves and rhizomes ended up gathered fresh for the examine. Past scientific studies performed by us confirmed that the methanolic extract of the leaves and rhizomes had been wealthy in anti-oxidants. There is an urgent want to entirely doc the biodiversity of the planet within twenty five yr1, this is possibly due to the fact rapid decline of biodiversity and only a tiny portion of the existing biodiversity is presently described. One of the most essential normal ecosystems in the However we currently know that for most of the in vivo procedures associated the results of selective earth is peat-land. It includes a unique and a complicated ecosystem, which has a world-wide critical function in biodiversity conservation at genetic, species and ecosystem ranges and has numerous species discovered only or mostly in peat-lands. These species are adapted to the exclusive acidic, nutrient poor and water-logged conditions. They cover in excess of in about a hundred and eighty nations around the world. Most of the worlds tropical are identified in the Indo-Malayan location , can assist the resolution of this diversity. Thus, the identical species at different developmental stages may possibly be However we currently know that for most of the in vivo procedures included the effects of selective determined as a distinct species when utilizing morphological characters29.