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When we have effectively accomplished the place discussed prior to -keeping the bodyweight of the arms on the fingertips- then we will try out and function on Scaramuzza’s “Tabla Tematica” this is a quite pragmatic workout, in the form of a numeric chart, intended to support pupils to investigate the “finger action” with out the distraction of having to engage in and discover note names.
The idea behind utilizing the same excess weight and implementing it to all the distinct fingers constitutes the basis for the manufacturing of an equivalent tone. Only if we transfer the identical weight from finger to finger is that we will be capable to get the very same sonority out of the 4th and the 2nd fingers for example.
-The so called use of the “arm weight” in the pianistic execution is primarily based on the reality that each and every time a body is set in motion, it reacts according to the concepts of likely, resistance and support. In our certain review situation: a. the fingers develop the likely b. the keys supply resistance and c. the forearm conclude that touches the wrist, the assist.-
Soon after we have reached this goal we are prepared to confront the most difficult problem: to calibrate the correct and certain fat essential to generate the desired dynamics. This problems will be first of all dealt with when we analyse the finger and wrist actions. The complete calibration will be related specifically with the length we area the fingers from the keys. The farer the louder and the closer the softer audio opinions we will get from the piano.
The assistance position will alter based on the motion we are operating on for case in point, in the scenario of the wrist/palm motion, the forearm will become it. Soothing the arm is largely intended to provide a consistent pull that fuels the finger grip especially at the guidelines each time they are in contact with the keyboard.
In terms of the excess weight regulation, Scaramuzza employed to say that the appropriate excess weight was going to be established by the ear alone, and our judgement of the tone top quality. The paradox is that this technical approach starts off from stating we direct the complete arm bodyweight to the tip of our fingers, so taking away some of it goes in direct opposition to this idea! In fact there are many organic aspects that will support with the excess weight administration. A single being synergy, and musical accentuation (we will develop these concepts in even more sections)
The complete leisure of the arm muscle tissue guarantees that the psychological pressure of overall performance does not become a reflective obstacle. This process is intrinsically demanding mainly since it goes in opposition to our most natural reactions. Essentially, we are by natural means conditioned to contract our muscle tissues when getting all set to complete a demanding bodily exercise and it is this specific tendency the 1 we need to go towards in order to be prepared to carry out professionally. For this cause we need to have to work intellectually so we function out option automated reactions that enable us to get all around these organic options.
The reflective and unwanted stress will manifest mostly in the triceps, which will are likely to agreement unnecessarily to assist the fingers attacking the keys. It is advisable to work together with the Piano Teacher in get to spot when this is happening and perform intensively in counteracting it.

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