The Kim Kardashian sex-tape flag at Glastonbury was a Particularly Nasty Attack

What do you give the woman who has everything? A short, sharp reminder that she can still be torn down at any moment. So it was at Glastonbury last weekend, when an audience member at Kanye West’s set chose to wave an enormous flag printed with a still image from a sex tape showing Kardashian performing oral sex on her former partner Ray J. The tape was leaked in 2007 without Kardashian’s consent.

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Kardashian, who is four months pregnant, was present, so she got to witness the moment the photo was displayed to her husband and a huge crowd of his fans. Printed on the flag were the words “Get Down, Girl, Get Head Get Down”, a play on the lyrics from West’s song Gold Digger. Luckily, a compassionate Twitter user immortalised the moment by posting a picture with a suitably disapproving caption.

Many online were quick to share their glee, describing the flag as “the BEST Glastonbury flag ever”, “flag of the day”, “#BESTEVER”, “genius” and “hilarious”. The Lad Bible declared that it “wins the internet”. Just in case she hadn’t noticed the flag itself during her husband’s set, thoughtful users tweeted it into Kardashian’s mentions to be sure the picture be waiting for her when she got home.

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