Pankration: A Fighting System Based On Antiquity

Possessing well-rounded fighting abilities is essential if you want the best way to look after yourself if you ever find yourself in a serious altercation. You'll be able to gain such skills with the aid of Pankration, an effective fighting style that teaches the different ranges of combat and techniques to effectively defend yourself. Inner Secrets of Martial Arts Success: Incorporate This To Your Martial Arts Training Pankration isn't a new style of martial art, however. Pankration descends from Greece and it existed thousands of years ago. It vanished upon the fall of the ancient Greek civilization. During the 1970s, it was rediscovered and promoted by martial artists seeking to preserve its legacy. Nowadays, an increasing number of individuals are becoming interested in Pankration as it bears great similarity to the popular Mixed Martial Arts or MMA.

It was actually in the 648 B.C. Olympic Games that Pankration made its first appearance. Pankration was a martial art style mixing boxing, striking, and wrestling. Back then Pankration was a sport, but it was taught to the Greek soldiers back then also. Today, Pankration is practiced for sporting pursuits, but martial artists who practice it also recognize that it has a real world self-defense value. It makes for an excellent self-defense art because it deals with many facets of combat. For its striking component, Pankration incorporates boxing, kickboxing, and close-quarter elbow and knee tactics. For its wrestling facet, Pankration entails ground and standing grappling. Standing grappling consists of take-downs and throws and the ground strategies include pins, escapes, and submissions.

With Pankration, you certainly will learn a comprehensive approach to fighting that helps ensure you are capable of adapting to a wide range of different fight scenarios. Being taken out of his element is one of the most terrible things that may be experienced by a fighter. A typical example: a boxer is taken to the ground by his adversary and he cannot use his striking methods. In this situation, the match develops into wrestling and the boxer cannot wrestle. When a person is in a serious situation and needs to defend himself, he should be able to adequately protect himself, and this means not having weaknesses in his self-defense techniques. Mastering Pankration can help in addressing the various combat methods, ensuring a formidable self-defense system.

What is great about this approach is that you lessen your chances of becoming fatigued while you're defending yourself. Striking calls for different muscle performance and a likewise different type of stamina than grappling and vice versa. If you have both striking and grappling capabilities, you've got a better chance of performing at peak efficiency even if there is a change in the combat situation. It's because your overall conditioning is a lot better. Also, what's best about Pankration is that when you master it, your approach to fighting will be a lot more offensive and intense. This is important when you're up against an assailant who is aggressive. You can't just be passive and reactive like what a lot of self-defense systems teach.

Recently, Pankration has re-surfaced and many believe that it is one of the most effective style of martial art for self-defense. Even though Pankration is a fighting system that has its beginnings in antiquity, it involves strategies that can be the basis of an incredibly powerful self-defense system.