which based on ARM processor structure (A53 structure, with 28 nm LP process style,

  One thousand yuan Dan, however, is not always the new samsung Universe sequence cell cellphone with a key, the Universe S6 and Observe sequence of high-end placement forhttp://www.boardsforphones.com/ quite a few customers like the Universe sequence, this year the Universe J5 and J7 release allows many customers have more options. One thousand yuan price in the two machines have precise placement - like autodyne younger fashion team. Autodyne, of course, is not the only option for this number of younger customers, video activity playing enjoyment as cellular Internet content of all transfer to cell phones, a variety of cell cellphone activities, down to the "angry birds" on the "Gameloft wild motorbike rushing," new samsung Universe one thousand yuan device can Hold? This we purposely select a few popular large cellular activities on new samsung Universe J5 to a "roasting device analyze, see if small pure and fresh and can hold up against the analyze of aggressive activities insane.

   Processer in the new samsung Universe J5 related a transceiver common 64 Xiao monster in 64, which based on ARM processor structure (A53 structure, with 28 nm LP process style, low power consumption mononuclear speed can be up to 1.4 GHz, the match with Adreno306 design processor, maximum assistance 13.5 thousand mega-pixel digital camera. Run points at 20000 + levels, high-performance activity enough to deal with. Moral sense is maintained the SD card port, the biggest assistance 128 gb of storage space, set up more big activities also not scared not afraid!

   From the perspective, the new samsung Universe J5 overall efficiency run stability, the big sleep is one of 13 thousand p, the popular of the pre - 5 thousand digital camera style gets the digital camera S and Observe sequence of excellent genetics. Display quality for the popular device commonly used 1280 x720 pixel in the end, gold size 5 inch screen for the user to play activities is handy. Due to the Universe J5 fuselage width at 8.3 mm,www.boardsforphones.com and still maintain the enterprise and exclusive function important factors, so the horizontally overall keep feeling is good, avoid unintentionally touchscreen technology at the same time also in thumbs control boundaries.