Information Regarding PVC

In the 21st century plastic is all around us, from the wires and cables that connect us to the internet, to the conduits and wiring that wind around our houses and businesses, to the endless plastic pieces on the dashboards of our vehicles. Almost every type of non-metal part, pipe or conduit starts out as a flexible PVC compounders and is made with a mold.

Plastic specialists are able to vary the molecular composition of rigid chemical blends to produce rigid PVC compounds that maintain their shape or flexible PVC that if often used for soft tubing or other bendable parts. The uses for plastic really are endless and include home, business, and manufacturing items including:

Manufacturing - grips, handles, knobs, hoses, tubing, suction cups, grommets, vacuum cleaner parts

Automotive Parts - shifters, door gaskets, window and sunroof seals, dashboard moldings, trim pieces, wiring

Construction Industry - window stripping, window sealing, exterior trim

Medical - tubing, bendable tubes, intravenous feeding. Compounds used in medicinal applications are made from medical grade PVC compounds designed for safety and sanitation.

Electric - cords, wiring harnesses, battery terminal boots, shields

Wires & Cabling - refrigerator wiring, telephone/internet cables, automobile cables and wiring

Consciousness for the environment in recent years have spawned the creation of phthalate free flexible polyvinyl chloride compounds that are safer to utilize in toys and plastic items that come in contact with food.