Visitors guidance data Colour LED Show Functions

As protection of urban website traffic safety (led traffic sign)a crucial aspect - targeted traffic guidance system, which men and women and groups in both directions guide information and facts in line with information released beneath various delivery person, divided.


Outside LED display, radio, television, Internet, phone inquiries are for groups, information and facts dissemination inducing way, the principle form of self-development and universal ahead of widely utilized in outdoor LED display, that is one of the more successful way.


Production and application of LED show technologies to semiconductor optoelectronic devices, electronic circuit technology, integrated circuit technology, facts transmission technology of image processing, computer system network communication technologies and electronics manufacturing and electronics engineering connected installation technologies. LED show diverse applications have various characteristics, traffic guidance details outside LED show, in line with road traffic management needs and also the actual predicament of details to be published around the use on the function has the following qualities.

1st, higher brightness, viewing angle to be affordable

Website traffic induced outdoor LED (vms)show, real-time in direct sunlight the display surface in the show can also be clearly visible, therefore, the will need for any higher brightness. Under normal situations, the needs of visual distance of about 200m. But mainly because the road induced LED display is mainly for moving vehicles on the road, so don't ask for point of view show on urban roads is frequently about ?? 35 ?? is really a reasonable viewpoint.


Second, avoid the usage of complicated indicators


Release website traffic details is primarily for dynamic moving autos, such groups directional destined moving cars inside visual distance of the residence time is quite brief, as well as the driver of concentration, so prevent employing complicated multi-gray graphics and animated content, content for display text and simple graphics indicators. Taking into account the prevalent website traffic signs signal color, commonly red, green and yellow show. Red, green and yellow bell colour might show prohibit indicate recommendations and warnings info.


Third, automatic adjustable display brightness


To perform about the clock for the reason that, quite substantial adjustments inside the ambient light 24 hours, it can be essential to assure the biggest show on a sunny day when the ambient light is clearly visible, but additionally to prevent the rainy days and nights of "glare" phenomenon, so the LED(speed limit sign) show brightness must be in a position automatically adjusted in line with the ambient illumination. Beneath normal circumstances, traffic-induced outdoor LED show brightness is automatically adjusted to be in eight or additional.


Fourth, security, timeliness, accuracy, reliability, high


Visitors guidance information and facts timeliness, accuracy and reliability are larger, so the stability and reliability needs traffic guidance LED display of perform, each spare components and software-based systems must be steady and dependable. Meanwhile, targeted traffic guidance LED show typically perform in a network atmosphere, conduct public details dissemination, data encryption processing is also very important.


Moreover for the above points, traffic-induced outdoor LED display(variable message sign) systems but also comprehensive consideration various elements placement, display kind, technical parameters, method control, item mix, and other ancillary performs.