Precautions when purchase a lock and key

Sometimes we will say we should choose high-profile, quality and service good enterprise products when we need them. However, for example, which kind of products do you need to choose from window and door accessories suppliers china when you go to the market?


First, we should check the identification of the purchased product packaging, marking is complete (including the implementation of standard products, grade, manufacturer name, address, date of production) packaging is solid, the instructions are consistent with the product contents, beware exaggerated and inconsistent with the facts phenomenon. I think this is the first thing you need to get when you go to the market of door hardware wholesale China. Then, observe the appearance of the product quality, including locks, lock, latch, handle and cover plate assembly and related accessories are complete, plating, painting, surface color is bright and uniform, with or without rust, signs of oxidation and breakage.



Checking the use of functional products is reliable, flexible, and should select two or more of the products checked against, especially when buying two-way lock products must separately with all key internal and external locks trial switch. This way is also useful when you buy glass from float glass supplier China