Pushkar Fair 2015

Pushkar Fair 2015
Pushkar Camel Fair 2015 is held in the town of Puskhar in Rajasthan. It is a biggest and world famous camel fair.  It is known as Pushkar Mela. This fair take place in the lake of Pushkar. A large number of camel and cattle come to the fair and those are attraction of the fair. Rajasthani local people earn the money to sell their cattle and camels in the fair. Men buy the camel and cattle includes(horse, goat, buffalo). 
International tourists come to see the fair and enjoying with Indian culture. women buy clothes, bracelet and toys for their children.  Puskhar camel fair is held on November to December are dressed up and participated to camel race.
 It is very interesting and unforgettable moments. A main attraction of fair are camel race songs, exhibition etc. Men, Women and  Children come to fair and have a enjoyment of pushkar camel fair.
 Pilgrims come to festival and bathe in the Pushkar lake and free from their sins. Interesting things is that earth creator Bramha create the earth from Pushkar. That is why is too famous fair. It provides the popularity of India around the world. Really Rajasthan is famous for traditional fair like as Rajasthan Folk Fair and Pushkar Fair and  its culture.

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