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4. Conclusion
Precipitation of boehmite was studied in two devices, double-jet stirred tank and micro-mixing (HR and Y), and the influence on operating conditions on the product quality was analyzed. Precipitation kinetics were followed by multiple light scattering, by considering backscattering levels.
The main differences of PHA739358 conditions performed in the two devices are mixing and supersaturation level. Boehmite obtained by micro-mixing, at high supersaturation, presents lower specific surface area, mesoporous volume and mean pore diameter than materials produces using the double-jet stirred tank, while the crystallite size was similar for both boehmites. Aggregation dynamics or mechanisms are scrotum then different, maybe at different scales (primary crystallite, fibers), which could be directly due to supersaturation.
Mixing in micro-mixer at isosupersaturation (feeding flow in micro-mixer, stirring power, micro-mixer type) has no effect on boehmite quality in the studied range.