Launch of Galaxy Note and Galaxy 5 S6 Edge + 12 August


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 could actually imagine in September before the IFA. According to a recent report, the flagship phablet will be presented on August 12th and a week later in the land sale. At the same time is also the Galaxy S6 Edge + Start.
The Samsung Fanblog SamMobile has once again enabled the own sources in the ranks of the South Korean manufacturer and can advance to become known in the past week, announcing early launch of the Galaxy Note 5. Already on August 12, the Galaxy Note to be presented 5, according to the insider, on 21 August, the launch has already been provided. At the same, not yet officially announced the presentation event is the Samsung in recent months often surfaced larger Galaxy S6 Edge imagine not "S6 Plus Galaxy", but as "Galaxy S6 Edge +" to be sold as.

Also new details about the two phablets was able to find SamMobile. So the Galaxy Note 5 will in fact do not have a microSD slot and like the Galaxy S6 appear of metal and glass in the housing - the border around the screen to be as especially narrow the Galaxy A8. Also, the S Pen has been revised: He is in his new edition a little more reminiscent of a real pen and is reportedly held in the same color as the housing of the Galaxy Note 5. The phablet to be sold in white, black, silver and gold.

The Galaxy S6 Edge + is contrary to conflicting reports not powered by a Snapdragon 808 Qualcomm, but like its smaller counterpart of an Exynos 7420. Both phablets will receive a 5.7-inch AMOLED display with qHD resolution and probably similar to the Galaxy S6 available in memory sizes from 32 GB.