Free MMORPG Aplenty!

Why are these MMORPG programs free? All the time, they are o-n open or closed beta times. Beta intervals are those times when the distributors are examining their MMORPG systems for the likes, errors, stability problems, machine constraints and insects. Obviously, theyd need as many players as they can to find these possible problem factors. Additionally, distributors use beta periods to market their MMORPG services and products. What better way to get them hooked than to supply the membership for free, at the very least initially?

These free MMORPG plans can be grouped in to two groups: those which are developed by American publishers and those which are developed by South Korean publishers. As a result of Starcraft, South Korea has become a important force in the MMORPG industry. Free MMORPG programs are pumped out by them left and right before they enter settled membership method, and most of them are award-winning games at that.

Lets have a look at-the free MMORPG programs offered by American builders first.

1. Dark Age of Camelot. Feel the Dark Ages post-King Arthur in a alternate reality where night has surrounded the area. Get a 14-day trial at

2. EVE Online. If one world is too little for you, take to a whole world in this innovative, space-spanning adventure. Get your 14 day trial at

3. A Tale In The Desert II. Sick and tired of the most common combat ticket? What about society building? Try this game for 24-hours at

4. Everquest II. The sequel to the award-winning and genre-defining initial, Everquest II encourages you go to the beautiful but life-threatening world of Norrath yet again. 7 day test is offered by

5. Star Wars Galaxies. Quite a long time ago and a galaxy far might be within your reach from the comforts of your home. For the Republic or for the Empire, being a Stormtrooper or like a Jedi, wage you war for 1 week by joining at

Then we have the South Korean free MMORPG plans which are gradually taking the world by surprise. Here are the 5 games in this genre:

1. Ragnarok Online. Simple design, simple game-play, addictive MMORPG. The conclusion of the world has never been this fun. Play for 1-5 days at

2. Flyff. Why walk when you could fly? Presenting the first free MMORPG where you can actually climb through the heavens to your many, many adventures. Their on beta also. Register at

3. Walnut History. Heres an unique free MMORPG a-game that's presented as a side scroller. Dont allow such fool you, though. Their however an RPG. And its still enormously multiplayer! However on beta. Register at If people need to dig up further about remove frames, we know of many databases you can investigate.

4. MU Online. Remember Blizzards remarkable Diablo line? This is a Diablo clone, from the game aspects towards the look, but with the multiplayer pose. Its nevertheless a free MMORPG at

5. Gunz the Duel. Free MMORPG plans dont need to be exactly about sword and sorcery. They may include weapons too. Then this game is definitely for you, if you love Quake or Doom using the MMORPG angle! Get it free at!

All the activities we have mentioned here, especially the South Korean people, have experienced beta for greater than a year now. Dont let that deceive you, however. They're good activities, maybe even a lot better than those you have to cover. Its exactly that theyre searching for US publishers. And while the US publishers have yet to find these wonderful treasures, maximize out of these free MMORPG plans up to you may! Theyre too good to remain free forever..