PM25RSK120 Mitsubishi Intelligent Power Module

Order this Mitsubishi IPM (Intelligent Power Module) now at and you no longer have to be afraid of power disruptions.


PM25RSK120 is one of the best Mitsubishi power modules that’s been known to boost the power of UPS. UPS requires a semiconductor that will not only lengthen its maximum capacity but can ensure stability all the time. These needs can be given with ease by PM25RSK120.


With a weight of only 0.29 lbs., PM25RSK120 has a collector emitter voltage of 1200V and a collector current of 25A. With this ability, this IGBT power module makes it suitable for power switching applications operating up to 20 kHz frequency.


Mitsubishi PM25RSK120 has protection logic features that minimize risks of damages like those found in previous versions of semiconductors.


To further enhance the performance of UPS, PM25RSK120 is equipped with free wheel diode power devices to eliminate sudden voltage spikes.


With the extraordinary features of PM25RSK120, your UPS will never fail you again.