The Good Thing About Innokin-InnokinCell Battery-2000mAh

One thing seems to be constant in the vaping industry-change. There’s always a new mod being unveiled and this constant flow of new products has a lot to do with one specific feature that truly matters to the vaping community- wattage limit. Vapers were fine with very low wattage until such time when this is no longer the case. And when the wattage goes up, obviously the device will use up more power. And this is when batteries equipped with real power prove useful like the Innokin-InnokinCell Battery-2000mAh which is engineered basically to provide consumers exceptional vaping experience.

Using the revolutionary Innokin’s technology, the InnokinCell batter is designed with consumers’ safety in mind. It is safe but exceptional in quality great for high power vaping mods. The InnokinCell LiPo batteries are deemed superior in pretty much all aspects to the conventional 18650 batteries given that they are safer, better and longer lasting.

First of all, it's built with a built-in smart-PCB for optimum protection against overcharging, overheating and short circuit as well as auto shut off. This feature more than addresses the growing concerns of vapers with regards to battery-related issues of safety. Moreover, every InnokinCell battery comes with a unique ID number which can be confirmed online for authenticity.

Now let’s talk about the most fascinating part. The InnokinCell battery is able to keep full 2000 mah capacity with maximum output of 20Amp for 300 full charge cycles. Even at 50 watt output, it can still retain the same impressive power. Simply, the InnokinCell battery 2000mAh can keep more power enabling it to last longer than others.

And this is not all, the InnokinCell battery includes convenient features like the Tri-LED touch power indicator that enables you to know how much battery is left and if you will have to recharge. When you have to re-charge, you can do so while vaping at the same time.

As a final point, regardless of what they say about box mods, the end is certainly not on the horizon. And as vapers are continually in the race for more power, it is safe to assume that the InnokinCell will be around for the long term. Probably until something better shows up, of course.

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